Top 10 Must Do’s for a Quantum Leap in 2020

Guys its 2020, a new decade!!! Let’s look at the 10 things you can commit to doing simultaneously around your most important goal to make that quantum leap in 2020.

  1. Stay in consistent and accountable action.
  2. Identify and spend 80% of your time in your zone of excellence and 20% of your time in your zone of low return mindset.
  3. Set attainable and trackable benchmarks and goals. Measure your benchmarks and course correct or modify. Repeat that over and over again.
  4. Study, partner and run besides other gladiators while implementing techniques that can unhook you from comparisons.
  5. Learn the techniques to manage your negative self-talk.
  6. Create new revenue streams taking your earning potential to the next level. (When good people do well they do more good in the world :).
  7. Learn to speak powerfully…the kind of power that captivates consistently.
  8. Build a solid, reliable and accountable community that you can engage, learn and celebrate with in 2020.
  9. Set healthy boundaries by replacing confrontation with care-frontation.
  10. Learn how to put yourself first while leaving no one behind.

Remember to work on all the above consistently dedicating atleast 75% efforts each day to see the difference it can bring. Wish you have the most amazing 2020 that unleashes the true potential in you.

These are my learnings from a recent webinar I attended by Lisa Nichols