Lets Seek Excellence Over Perfection in 2022

We as humans are bound to make mistakes. It would be nice if life was the way we wanted it to be and if all our expectations from others and the world were met – but common that’s all in our dreams. And that’s also a problem.

In the prefect world I would want myself to be super-efficient always, my daughter to be obedient, eat well, study on time, I would like my husband to be caring and thoughtful always, my boss to recognize me for my efforts, my neighbors to be warm and respectful, my friends to be my true supporters always… but hey… in the real world it isn’t realistic to expect the perfect outcome all the time from others and the world. And this belief and expectations cause anxiety and stress. Isn’t it?  As it can activate the anxious perfectionist in you. “I can do anything” quickly translates in your mind to “I must do everything. And I must do it perfectly”

Hence perfectionism is irrational. My perfect may not be the same as my colleagues or my boss’s or my husband’s or my daughter’s. If we keep running after perfectionism it will lead us to fear of failure and that eventually can also lead to paralysis.

Have you ever experienced a situation where in the pursuit of perfection you gave up, didn’t try. You stressed so much about it being perfect that you literally spent hours on something which could be achieved in relatively less time. It can also play havoc on your work, your relationships, life and work. On the other hand excellence is an achievable goal. You commit to doing the best you can. This has a magical outcome to remove fear and instill you with an enthusiastic state rather than a  fearful one.

Lets look at these two visually and then reevaluate our stance


You’re driven by a fear of failure; You’re nervous of change and taking risks; None of your achievements are quite good enough; You feel you should be strong and not share your vulnerabilities; You expect others to work in your way; You miss deadlines because your still striving to get it just right

Pursuit of Excellence

You’re motivated by enthusiasm; You enjoy finding new ways of working; Sense of satisfaction from efforts even if not perfect; You can be vulnerable and share feelings with others; You allow others to work in their own way; You know when a piece of work is good enough

As you set out to achieve your goals in 2022, I recommend you seek excellence so that you can free up your creativity and be motivated and inspired. Remember with this rapid pace at which the world is changing if you wait until everything is perfect another year will go and the only thing you would have gained is fear and getting dragged down by your own thoughts and beliefs.

The choice is yours. Lets say Cheers to the Pursuit of Excellence in 2022!!!

Now you know why I called my firm coachforexcellence and not coachforperfection :):)

Your coach in possibilities – Parul