6 Proven Principles to Show Brave Leadership during COVID-19

In this stormy season that the entire civilization is facing, it is essential to shift from victim-hood to leadership. To lead is to free yourself from excuses, protect your positive focus and raise the spirits of all around you.

Excerpts from my recent readings from a special report shared by Robin Sharma. I have put his 6 steps that he mentioned on how leaders can show the right sort of bravery during a crisis like COVID-19.

  1. Prioritize Versus Become Paralyzed

During WW2, Winston Churchill used labels that read “Action This Day” for files that required immediate execution. His team clearly knew that these involved matters that were not to be ignored.

Great leadership during times of crisis is more about subtraction rather than addition. Do less to achieve more. Stay focused on the few projects that will help your business flourish. And make our world a brighter place.

  • Overcommunicate and Never Spin

Don’t spin the truth when everything is falling apart. Be brutally candid yet always remain inspiring. Like the best wartime generals, deliver sober reporting yet protect the hope of your followers at all costs. And be even more visible than usual.

Reassure your team that the rough seas will give way to calm waters. And that if the right moves are made now, your business will grow even better than before.

  • Move Fast and Be Decisive

Gather the facts. And then pull the trigger. LVMH is France’s largest company. Bernard Arnault, the 71-year-old tycoon who built the firm into a luxury powerhouse, was asked by the French government to assist in the production of hand sanitizers for hospitals. His near-instant reply to the request was via a text that simply said, “Excellent!”

The general-secretary of LVHM said this of Arnault: “He bombards you with questions and then goes off to think. It’s a family owned company with a guy at the top who makes decisions quickly.” Only 72 hours after being asked for help to fight the battle against the Coronavirus, the first bottle of hand sanitizing gel came off the factory line.

A hospital worker in Paris who used the gel posted a photo on social media saying: “Thank you. The product is magnificent in every sense of the word.”

Part of the reason the pandemic is killing so many is that so many people hesitated. They waited to watch what the virus would do before they took swift action. In a war, hesitation costs lives. And over deliberation destroys nations.

  • Hope for BCS Yet Plan for WCS

Keep your focus on the Best Case Scenario [BCS] for your business. Yet, like any brilliant leader, plan for the Worst Case Scenario [WCS].

During the current turbulence, many human beings fell into Normalcy Bias, a psychological phenomenon that traps people into thinking that just because a “Black Swan Event” like a pandemic or economic depression has never happened in their lives means that history won’t repeat itself.

History always repeats itself which is why it’s wise to study history]. And so it’s important to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Never panic. Always anticipate so you’re not blindsided. [It’s better to be ready for tragedy and wrong than underprepared—and dead

  • Go ELO + Obsess with ABDOV

Lockdown cash. Cut costs. Batten the hatches of the boat to ride out the storm. And yet, “never waste a good crisis.” [credit: Winston Churchill].

Become an Extremely Lean Organization [ELO]. Small ships can navigate dangerous seas with agility, quickness and precision. Bloated firms will fail now. Yet definitely use the crises to grow.

Ask yourself: “What’s the opportunity to add more value to my customers here?” And, “How can we produce magic for the world in the face of all this?”

ABDOV stands for Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value. The marketplace rewards mastery, in good times—and bad. Now is when you and your team get to rise to your best.

  • Amplify Education and Reduce Entertainment

In hard times human beings seek comfort. More processed food. More digital distraction. More trivial entertainment. And yet, doubling down on your dedication to learning and improving. And your knowledge is mission-critical to ensuring your business thrives and your people are protected.

Information excellently executed on is extremely powerful. Read the robust information that allows you to form thoughtful opinions that drive intelligent actions—avoiding fake news and pseudo-experts. Setting aside a two hour learning period at the end of each work day at home is a smart habit. That will maximize your impact. Because as you know more you can do better. And education is inoculation against disruption.

Investing in your growth grows every other area of your life. Always.

If you are in a position of leadership please remember: “anyone can lead when times are great. The great ones lead when things fall apart.”

Robin Sharma

Your coach in possibilities always!!! – Parul