4 Steps To Setting Well-Formed Outcomes

“There are no free passes in life, outcomes will always mirror the input.” –  Steven Redhead

Well-formed outcomes is an important NLP technique and goes further than “setting goals”. Outcomes are different as they set a direction. For example, I might set an outcome of having a fulfilled husband and a healthy marriage. I may never reach this as a goal but surely as an outcome. It organizes my choices regarding the way I interact with him everyday with a conscious thought.

Take a few moments and consider the questions below which will help formulate your own well formed outcome. For eg, perhaps you want to become a better manager, athlete, partner, wife, husband, or parent.

  1. What do you want? (describe this in positive terms)
  2. How will you know when you’ve got this thing that you want? What will you see, hear, feel, taste? (you may want to close your eyes to visualise this).
  3. Now consider the resources you needed to get to this place, looking back at what skills you’ve developed along the way?
  4. Let’s us do an ecology check. Is this goal OK? Is it going to enhance your life? Is it going to improve someone else’s life? 

Please try the above questions and let me know how you felt about the outcomes.

More positive and ready!!! Take the leap and make your outcomes a reality … And remember if you need a push and some creative conversations I am always there for you as your coach in possibilities….