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Essentials of CBT Workshop - Pallavi Parab
Essentials of CBT Workshop - Pallavi ParabPsychologist

Amazing session. Loved the way everything was explained in such detail and practically too. Highly recommended

Essentials of CBT Workshop - Ankita Deepak Kubal
Essentials of CBT Workshop - Ankita Deepak KubalPsychology Student

The session was excellent and very interactive. Really enjoyed the 5 days of workshop.

Sonali Bansal
Sonali BansalDelta Electronics

The most exciting part of the session was thinking situation from other's perspective.

Lahari Shrikant
Lahari ShrikantDelta Electronics

Each and every moment of the session was enjoyable

Manjeet Kumar SahuEntrepreneur - NOIDA

Thanks from the bottom of my heart that was earlier muddled with a sore incident around 25 years back and which is now healthy and ready to be filled with better parts of life ! Your session helped me make peace by shifting the Goal Post from the past incident to Myself & how it has helped me be what I am. I have shed the negatives now and embraced the Positives out of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

AnonymousRetail Professional - Bangalore

I definitely had a very different experience than a general counselling session. As here it was much more than talking about the problem. The list of questions Parul covered throughout the session were perfect to understand, what, how I could overcome the current problem, reminded me about the resources that I have around me to overcome the current situation: and visualize the brighter side of coming out of the situation. The questioning techniques helped me walk through the entire journey of the problem from where it actually started, (what triggered it) to the current state. In a very neat form(manner) without being clumsy/getting distracted in the process of the coaching session.

Emotional Intelligence 7 days Workshop - Piya BajajStudent

Its an experiental learning course and applies to people from all walks of life. Its a universal thing you will learn and will truly change the way you look at things. I want to thank Parul and Banu Mam. You are extremely amazing guides. I am so lucky to have you.

Shetal Thakkar
Shetal ThakkarCounsellor

Thank you so much for the insightful, the most needed certificate course on Emotional intelligence. One of the most interactive course I have attended. I really like the breakout room activities. Tools which I had used for myself was the best part, it was immediately giving me some different energy which is unexplainable. This really helped me to know more about myself

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